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almost 2 years ago

Second day of talks for the Faber Web3 Hackathon starting now!

We had an outstanding day yesterday and we are starting the new day NOW!

In the first of two days of talks that kickoff the Faber Web3 Hackathon we looked inner workings of IPFS & Filecoin, and we learned how the future of Content Distribution Networks can be built on top of a fully distributed architecture. We also discussed "Where NFTs matter!" followed by an inspiring panel of past-hackathon winners.

We also talked about team formation and we urge you to register here if you are looking for a team or, if you are looking for team members, have a look at some of those who already registered for a team.

Today is going to be even better, starting with a live coding workshop to help you get started with your own project. That's something you don't want to miss.

Today's talks are starting on Zoom NOW!